The Art of Intentional Nourishment

Intentional Nourishment is a health and wellness practice that is driven by customization to meet your unique goals. Our coaching and lifestyle approach take nourishment off the plate and we look at your well-being from a lifestyle perspective. Let’s face it…there are some stresses in your life that a green smoothie can’t fix. It is this deeper work that is intricately connected to your weight, your digestion, your energy, your symptoms, your longevity, the vitality of your physical body and your overall well-being.

We combine this work with our boutique style clinical products and services that specialize in whole food nutrition, weight loss, digestion, hormone balancing, and healthy detoxification – all designed around restoring function and bringing ease back to your body. When your body feels better… YOU feel better.

There is only one YOU in this world…you eat your own unique diet, you carry your own unique stress, you have been shaped by your own unique life experiences, and you have your own unique dreams and goals.

Make your nourishment just as unique as YOU.

Why are you here?

The most common place people start this journey is with weight loss. It’s the common doorway in…. It’s very intuitive that releasing excess weight is one of the quickest and most familiar feelings of “bringing ease to the body,” both physically and emotionally, that most of us recognize and can resonate with. When clients drop excess weight, I often hear…”I finally feel like my old self again.” That is what I want for you…not just the physical results you are looking for, but getting closer to the YOU that you know is most true. And yes, we do both quite well.

Intentional Nourishment works from a functional perspective so whatever stress or symptoms you are experiencing, we have the tools and methodology to dig in and work with the intuitive feedback of the body. Your body is created and wired to thrive.

The goal in all this work is to bring relief, ease, and vibrancy to your body, your health, and your life, so that you FEEL like the YOU that you know is most true. This is not something that can measured through a blood test, it’s a feeling, an alignment, a flow, and a recognition that only you know. You finally feel like YOU.

Are you ready to get in front of this?

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